In case of conflict of consumption of low economic value, under the terms provided by law, the consumer may resort to express option to the following entities Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution.

  • National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts, located at Rua D. Afonso Henriques, 1, 4700-030 Braga, with the website: www.cniacc.pt
  • Algarve Consumer Conflict Information, Mediation and Arbitration Center, located at the Ninho de Empresas Building, Estrada da Penha, 3rd floor, room 26, 8005-131 Faro, with the website: www.consumidoronline.pt
  • Arbitration Center for Consumer Conflicts of the District of Coimbra, located at Avenida Fernão Magalhães, 240, 1.º, 3000-172 Coimbra, with the website: www.centrodearbitragemdecoimbra.com
  • Lisbon Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center, located at Rua dos Douradores, 116, 2nd, 1100-207 Lisbon, with the website: www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt
  • Porto Consumption and Arbitration Information Center, located at Rua Damião de Góis, 31, Shop 6, 4050-225 Porto, with the website: www.cicap.pt
  • Vale do Ave Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center / Arbitral Tribunal, located at Rua Capitão Alfredo Guimarães, 1, 4800-019 Guimarães, with the website: www.triave.pt
  • Consumption Information, Mediation and Arbitration Center (Arbitration Court of Consumption), located at Rua D Afonso Henriques, No. 1 (Ed. Parish Council of Sé), 4700-030 Braga, and at Avenida Rocha Paris, n. 103 (Vila Rosa Building), 4900-394 Viana do Castelo, with the website: www.ciab.pt
  • Madeira Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center, located at Rua Direita nº. 27, 1st Floor, 9050-405 Funchal, with the website: www.madeira.gov.pt/cacc
  • Arbitration Center of the Autonomous University of Lisbon, located at Rua de Santa Marta nº. 43 E, 1º C – 1150-293 Lisboa, with the website: http://arbitragem.autonoma.pt